In Iceland with Chris.


Chris met me at the gate having arrived earlier and spending a long night sleeping in the Keflavic International Airport and  make that heavy on the “International”.  What an influx of people from all over the world!  It seems everyone wants to visit Iceland and for good reason.  Icelanders are some of the nicest, friendliest, helpful and beautiful people in the world.   Our rental car was waiting and down east we went.  It’s 405 miles or 653 Km from the airport to Breiðdalsvík (Brad-dols-vic) on the east coast of Iceland.  It took us no less than 8 1/2 hours.

Breiðdalsvík is where Chris left the NORTHERN REACH two years ago.  His dear friends Helga and Ingo took good care of her and had her on a trailer and ready for work in their beautiful shop.  The atmosphere was that of one long huge family reunion with people coming to welcome Chris home (his Iceland home anyway).  It was such a privilege to witness it all.  Their warm feelings for Chris spilled over to me and made me feel as welcome as ever I have been.

Chris’ reunion with NORTHERN REACH was quick and simple with a touch of sentimentality.  How could he not have deep feelings for something he has put so much hard work into and trusted with his life for so many long sea miles?  Then, out came the work list and the fun began.  Chris had two years to think over every detail he wanted to change, add and make better.

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