The Inland Labrador Sea

Before turning toward the Labrador inland seas, I tossed the bottles with the notes from Cory Jo, Justin, Taylor and Blake and also the bottle with all the names of the children in Mrs. Johnson’s 4th Grade class into the Labrador Current at Latitude 54⁰ 05′ 17″N ~Longitude 057⁰ 05′ 17″W to be carried to their destiny on the seas of the world. I’ve carried them with me a long ways myself, but to put them into the Labrador Current seems the best place ever. It runs south form here out into the Atlantic Ocean. They were such pretty bottles when they do wind up on shore someone is sure to find them. It’s only a matter of time.

I made a cove located at Lat. 53⁰ 42′ 48.9N ~ Long. 059⁰ 01′ 33.5″W to get out of a bit of weather. Were this place in the States they would make it a National Park. High rugged mountains, breathtaking water fall, rivers, woods, canyons and beach. This place has everything and only one lonely little cabin at the head. Wow. But it’s my home for the night.


I got up at 0400 this morning so I could come through the Narrows with the tide. Pea Soup fog. But that doesn’t stop the CAP’ N LEM. A keen eye, radar, AIS, GPS… what more could I want. I did hug the bank though just to get a glimpse of it every now and then.

Last night, two fishermen came by as I anchored and offered me the prettiest little char for my dinner, but I had to turn them down as it was way too big for my pan and I could not think of wasting any of it. My ice is gone now and I didn’t get any before coming in. (It was too rough to be going near any bergs.) They were from Goose Bay. I hope to see them again.

I did not see another boat all day. They call this the Labrador Sea on the chart and also Melville Lake. I’ll have to get that clarified when I get to Goose Bay. In any case it’s big! I can’t see from one end to the other and it was clear today, for a while anyway.


Ted asks: Which route will I take? My plan all along has been to go outside of Baffin Island and through the Perry Channel but I must reserve the right to change that owing to conditions. I just think my life would be complete if I could see a pod of Narwhale.

David commented on the gross weight for the F-31: Though I don’t have the boat weight with all the equipment on board I do keep an eye on the water line. I’m a little above it but as I burn off fuel it helps. The fact that I’m solo and do not push the boat hard help too. When I had her hauled the lift couldn’t give me an accurate reading but it was under 6000 was all he could say.

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