Spring At Last!

The sun has crossed the equator and is heading north.  The geese honk and wave on their way north.  Even the hummingbirds are on the move north.  And so I’m, too, drawn by forces I don’t fully understand to shake off the webs of winter and start my way to that irresistible land of adventure, Labrador and the CAP’T LEM. 


I’ve work hard not to let the winter soften me up too much.  My trips to the gym, the never-ending battle with easy food, another birthday (my 64th) all remind me adventure is not free.  I’ve spent many hours contemplating the lessons learned in 3388 nautical miles sailed form Two Harbors Minnesota last April and many hours of an over active imagination visualizing the thousands of miles yet to come before the journeys end.


With the coming of spring, so comes the time for action and an awakening of the ArcticSoloSail website and updates of the plans to rejoin the CAP’T LEM.  If I leave Port Angeles in mid-May I can be back to Goose Bay-Happy Valley Labrador by mid-June with time to re-outfit, repair and be on my way once again.  I’ll miss the company of Josh and Tiny to be sure.  Both are off pursuing their own adventures.  There’s a 4000-mile drive just to get back to the boat!  But what is that to a sailor?


More and more I’m convinced of the “mile ahead” theory as the only way to travel.  Many I met along the way will recall me saying “the voyage is only one mile long… the mile that is in front of me!”   It was what brought me thus far and only when I lost sight of that did I ever find myself in trouble.  I’ve regain that vision and am vowing to keep it at the forefront every step of the way.


The journey thus far has been one of such beauty and humility.  Beauty in the things I saw and humility in the kindness and well wishes of those I’ve met and those who were so willing to go out of their way to help me along on mine.  I’m humbled by the fact that not one inch of the trip have I made by myself, there are so many who have helped.  Perhaps that is the purpose of a solo voyage, to come to the understanding of just how connected we all are.  I’ve been following Jessica Watson’s wonderful voyage closely and my prayer for her, among many, is she finds that same sense connectedness with those following her daring adventure.  From her writings,  I think she has.  http://www.jessicawatson.com.au/index.htm


So with these thoughts, I open once again the blog of the great adventure known as ArcticSoloSail.  



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