Progress Report

Progress Report

I’m fast eating up my wiggle room, but progress is being made. Ol’ Thumper is road worthy again. The cosmetics lack perfection. After all it has been an armature face-lift, or in this case “butt lift”.

She’s just been too good to end up in the scrap yard. So the insurance company sold her back to me as salvage. I budgeted one week and of course it’s taken two. With all the other things she survived, the blizzards Ken and I braved to get the CAP’N LEM to Minnesota, hitting the deer in Michigan and the wild ride through downtown Manhattan with Josh and Tiny, how could I just let a tow tuck haul her away without at least trying to put this humpty dumpty back together.

So with hacksaws, saber saw, table saw, band saw and of course sawsall, with hammers and drills and lots screws I cut and beat and braced until crumpled became flat and concaved became convex and slowly, so slowly, she once again took her former shape.

But lets let the pictures tell the story:




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