Grand Marais MI

Really I should have said more about Grand Marais MI.  It’s a lovely place and a very good anchorage.  A friend in Port Angeles got word to me that her Great Grandfather was the second lighthouse keeper at Au Sable Lighthouse way back when.  So here is the picture I sent to her of the harbor.grand-m-harbor

5 Responses to “Grand Marais MI”

  1. Bill says:

    Tommy —
    You passed through Grand Marais, Mich during the right season … in the summer the stable flies on Grand Island will doom you to one of two fates: Either they’ll take pity on you and eat you right away, or they’ll impose a longer sentence and just carry you away to devour later. But either way you’re a gonner.
    — Bill
    Houghton, Keweenaw

  2. Krister says:

    We stopped in Grand Marais Last year. The best people around. The grocery store folk even let us use there truck. Awesome Place.


    Duluth, MN

  3. tw says:

    ever notice how everybody thinks its so quiet just because yer alone…the water -the wind- the birds….the riggin…………..happy sailin brother……i hear ya……tw

  4. Steve says:

    Loved the treatise on luck; you are absolutely correct. Luck is the result of work and study. Same with those who are deemed to have “good judgment”, it is the knowledge gained by surviving bad judgment. Failure is an excellent teacher!

    Best wishes on your journey, I’ll be following you from here in Tampa FL.


  5. Ron Quednau says:

    Well, luck is when good things happen at the times when one does not have control over things ( destiny); like the weather, or unpredictable ‘rogue waves’, or so at times you meet good strangers etc.. It still takes courage to face “life’s” odds, and enjoy the good happen-stances and not dwell on the “bad”….

    Wish you ‘Fair winds’, 🙂