Road Ice

Wyoming weather left the Capt’n Lem covered in dirty road ice up to 4″ thick. Looking more like a barge than a boat, swinging my trusty crowbar I was able to knock the worst of it off, but it still left her looking rather gloomy.



Rather gloomy

 Too embarassed to continue on in the sunny but frigid weather of South Dakota, we stopped at Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Sioux Falls for a professional cleaning. After fielding a number of questions from curious truckers as to what kind of bass fishing would require such a boat, the Capt’n Lem emerged bristol.

Currently 1976 miles out of Port Angeles, dropping anchor just outside of Minneapolis.

Clean at last

Clean at last

2 Responses to “Road Ice”

  1. Matthew Parker says:

    Gettin there. Hope you didn’t blow your chance to spin a big fish story.

  2. Jamie Mason says:

    Hey Tom! Wow, what an incredible journey you are beginning! I’ll be praying for your safety and for a touch of memorable danger that you live to tell about! We’ll be following along!