A note to my faithful readers

Going through the Welland Canal requires two people to be aboard so I sent to the west coast for a crew.  My heartfelt thanks to JoAnn for enduring first hours and hours waiting in airports and the loss of luggage, the rain, the cold and the cramped quarters. 

Needless to say but I’ve been a little busy.  Please keep checking back as I try to get a schedule of blogs started again.  There will be times of no contact as I make my way north, but I will be writing about what I see and experience.  Your participation in this little adventure is very important to me and I welcome your comments. 

Your friend and bloggateer


7 Responses to “A note to my faithful readers”

  1. MikeinAppalachia says:

    Very sorry you had to call in the west coast. If you had noted such in your blog, some of us readers could have been there in a few hours with a pair so that we could have shuttled a car.
    But maybe your friend enjoyed the trip? Take care and blog when you can.

  2. Ron Moraski says:

    Chris & I have been following your trip since the beginning, have sailed & lived in Wisconsin
    years ago, enjoy your adventure. Currently live Rochester(NY) so as you are coming by love to have you for dinner or can lend a hand as needed.
    Your icy beginning reminded me of fishing off shore of Madeline Island in September & still having redlegs from the water temperature.
    Please feel free to connect anywhere along that southern shore.

  3. Eve says:

    Yay for JoAnn..don’t you just love her??

  4. Jane and Norm says:

    We’ve been following soon after you launched and enjoy your blog…..kinda like we’re there! Thanks for publishing your adventure.

  5. JoAnn says:

    Hey, I would “endure” it again next week! The trip was exciting and memorable; I liked the opportunity to be a crew member. What a unique experience! Thank you, Captain Cook. 🙂

  6. Dan Shea says:

    Hi Capt. Tommy
    We are enjoying following your adventure. Also keeping an eye on your sailboat here. Have fun and be safe.

  7. Nancy Gurney says:

    Hi Tommy & Tiny,

    Especially my best regards to Tiny. I will always remember the huge hug he gave me on The Lady Washington, (saying thanks for the use of the CRV). Hope you are both having a great adventure. I wish you peace and safe passage, love, Nancy