No day finer

July 24, 2009: No day finer than this one. Were every day on the sea such as this and every wind on the quarter; cool but not cold, warm but not hot, the sun bright, the horizon clear, why the whole world would live on the water.

But change is inevitable and change on the water comes quickly. The wind dies, then comes up from the Northeast. Not hard though, not enough to kick up a sea so I manage to make it to Winter Cove near Anchor bay and anchor at Latitude 51⁰ 13’ 08” N ~ Longitude056⁰ 45’ 52” W in 19 feet of water just before sunset.

Another night of sleeping straight through, oh, how solo sailing makes such simple things the greatest of pleasures.

July 25, 2009: Underway to catch the outgoing tide, and the promise of another exceptional day. A whale breaks the surface just of the port quarter. I haven’t missed a day seeing a whale while I’m underwaysince my incounter with the white whales. My city at sea is populated by whales and dolphins and seabirds of every kind.

At 1150, way off on the horizon, I see my first iceberg. A moment later, there are two.

2230 The CAP’N LEM is in Labrador now, anchored at position 51⁰ 58’ 50.7”N ~ 055⁰ 54’ 09.8”W.


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