I Sail Tomorrow

 The ice has broken up in the bay. It’s time to launch the Cap’n Lem.  All the preparations that can be done have been done.  I sit here in my little home-on-wheels overlooking the harbor and city feeling very humbled by what is before me.  A dream becoming a reality should always be humbling.  I have been blessed beyond my ability to tell.  At 63 years old I’m still living the dreams of my childhood. 

Here in the deserted marina, not one boat is launched.   The sunny morning brought a few owners down to start checking things out before the yachting season, but the clouds and cold of the afternoon drove them all away.  My beautiful vessel will be the first in the water around here it seems.  There are some ice free launch ramps just to the north.  I’ll head up there until I find one suitable to slip the Cap’n Lem free from the land and start my “one mile journey”.  I like telling people “the trip is only one mile long, the mile that’s in front of me”.   

It won’t be hard to sleep tonight, though.  One of the great gifts of a day’s hard work is quick and easy sleep.  But tomorrow will come early and it will be a wonderful day. 

3 Responses to “I Sail Tomorrow”

  1. barb kraler says:

    Best wishes on your launching! If your route takes you down the west side of Lake Michigan, my folks would love to host you! I talked to my parents today and told them about your trip and Mom said, “any sailor is welcome here.” They have sailed Superior and Michigan themselves. Dad had a Corsair 26 for a while. They live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which has a lovely marina, and my mom is the best cook that side of the Mississippi River. She said just give them a call and they will pick you up at the marina, and whisk you off to a hot shower, home cooked meal and warm bed. Their home phone number is 920-684-0773. They would be honored to meet you! Fair winds, my friend.

  2. Shawn Sinskie says:

    Good Morning Tommy, The weather here in PA is sunny and warm 48 degrees. We are all looking forward to charting your progress. Sail on my friend live your dreams and we will be watching.

  3. Olympic Powersports says:

    Hi Tommy!

    Have a great journey. Can’t wait for webcams! Stay warm!

    Monte, Craig, Cori, Paul and Will