Sea Plane Cove

1800 August 7, 2010 Position Report

The CAP’N LEM is still anchored in Sea Plane Cove, same as before. I’ve set the “wait and see” watch. The weather forecast calls for a change in wind to the NE on Monday. I need to conserve fuel to thread the islands and channels getting into Nain. I do have to run the engine to make electricity because there hasn’t been enough wind to turn the Aerogen to keep up with my needs. I monitor the voltage pretty close so not to run both batteries down.

It’s rained most of the day and I’ve stayed down below by the fire reading, napping, and going through bins. A dull dreary day, but nice not to be traveling in the fog. I keep getting up so early. This morning it was 0450. No use fighting it. When I wake up, I get up.

Today I watched a polar bear make his way around the cove turning over rocks, sniffing and generally doing bear things. I’m above the tree line so there are no trees or bushes for him to hide behind. I couldn’t tell if he actually ate anything watching him with the binoculars but he never seem to give a look out my way. I understand they can smell a long way and I’m anchored right up wind of him but he wasn’t interested me and eventually wondered off, yep, over the mountain. Guess that’s what bears do. They sure are majestic to watch.

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