Northern Lights

0600 Position Report August 9, 2010

Underway at sea c124° T s-2.5 wind NE 8 kts 59° 04′ 03.7″ N ~ 062° 49′ 36.9″ W

Up anchor from Sea Plane Cove when wind came steady from NW to proceed out to sea and catch today’s predicted NE wind. Outside of Big Bear Skin Island, encountered large long Atlantic swell rolling in from the SW, right where I want to go. Slugged through them at 1.5 to 2 kts and as the water depth increased the period of the waves got longer and I made slow progress in the right direction. The wind shifted to S five miles off shore but I was able to make an easterly heading on out clear of shoals and icebergs. After sunset the wind shifted again to a light NE and I spent the night make slow but good progress.

The Northern Lights played across the sky after dark. There was one bright planet in the east which made for a beautiful night at sea.

This morning the wind is light but steady from the NE. The swell remains large so there is a lot of rocking and rolling as they lift the CAP’N LEM high then roll out from under. I try different down wind tacks but progress remains slow and steady to the south. I hope to make it to Hebron today and check on buying some fuel for margin sake. If the wind comes up to the 20 kts as forecast, I’ll continue on. I still have 5 gal spare and 2 or 3 in the tank. I’m hoping to meet with the S/V Issuma as she makes her way north for Greenland. It’s always great to meet like minded people out living their dreams.

Sea Plane Cove

Sea Plane Cove

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