Thoughts on leaving Houghton/Hancock

My sail/motor through the Keweenaw waterway is a picture of things to come.  My first attempt, the ice stopped me and sent me scurrying back to Grand Marais, but with persistence new knowledge and time, the ice gave way and THE CAP’N LEM pranced from west to east.  I dealt with bridge closures, high wind from the wrong direction, high winds from the right direction, and no winds.  I waited.  I waited and things changed as things always do.  The bridge tender found me.  The wind turned civil.   I got my propane and a Pastie.   I met dear people and visited the lovely library, then moved on.  I do believe the Northwest Passage will test me in many similar, though larger, ways and my only weapon will be patience and persistence and the new knowledge that each day will bring.  THE CAP’N LEM is a finer boat than I am sailor and has already forgiven me my over sights while teaching me valuable lessons I hope not to forget.  (Lock down the rudder, tommy, lock down the rudder, look up before you haul that halyard, look up, never be not be tied to the ship, when on deck, never be not be tied to the ship! Plan ahead, tommy, easer to stay warm than get warm, easer dry than get dry, plan ahead.)

Thank you Jason for the picture of the bridge and CAP'N LEM

Thank you Jason for the picture of the bridge and CAP'N LEM




5 Responses to “Thoughts on leaving Houghton/Hancock”

  1. Terry Koken says:

    Cap’n Tommy–
    good job thus far. Best to make all your mistakes when you can correct them, when they won’t kill you.

    Are you keeping up the map, or is somebody else? It would be grand to see your actual track, maybe at overall scale, with the whole course plotted, and also at closeup scale, so we can watch your trials and tribulations, and agonize with you over them…

    I follow you almost every day, and look forward eagerly to your posts.

  2. Dirnov says:

    Hi there,
    Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

  3. Kari Thoresen says:

    “easier to stay warm than get warm”… I will always remember you telling me that on the day we sailed from Port Angeles on AVANTI. That, and teaching me how to make an ” Irish Oven”. Do you have an oil lamp with you on the CAP’N LEM? Tommy, your tips and tricks on seafaring are invaluable. I am confident that you will find a way to outwit that ice yet! Once again, thank you for sharing your adventure with us. – HOLDFAST !!

  4. tommy says:

    Greeting Shipmate!

    Oh you bet I do! I have both the little minners safety lamps and new wicks and 3 gallons of whale oil (not really whale oil, just very expensive lamp oil). Oh yes, the two wool blankets from AVANTI. And exposure suite and the liferaft. I installed a dickinson heater like the one on avanti too, only one size smaller. I call it “Cozy”.

    Kari, our sail together to Chatterbox Falls ranks as one of the best trips of my life. You are a shipmate, good and true. I would sail with you anywhere.

    Tiny is such a great friend and companion as I make my way through the lakes. At supper tonight, he was catching me up on all our other mates form the transit south ’07. Liz, Noah, Patty, Matt, Nick, Rosco, Josh, (should see Josh next week, he’s joining tiny in the motorhome)Lucy B., oh, so many and i love them all, yes even Aaron C.! no mortal on earth like a sailor at sea.

    My best to your mom! Enjoy sailing with me, I know your here in spirit. t.

  5. Nancy Gurney says:

    Ahoy Captain Tommy, wanted to tell you how much pleasure so many people (that I am aware of) are taking such joy in reading your journals. This includes the owner of the Sequim UPS store, friends of friends, the numbers are increasing each hour it seems. I know your following is becoming global but the locals here are especially proud of you. Your writing is articulate and profound. The pictures are incredible. The website is fabulous.

    Quite a blow passing through Sequim right now. Thinking of you. Please take care and stay dry! Love you, Nancy