Portage Lake to Pequaming MI

There is a cost for forward motion and to me it is the heart tug of separation from friends.  I fear I’m going to know that price a lot before I can ever make full circle to those who fill my life with such encouragement.   I borrow their courage, you know. .   I have no courage of my own.  I never have.  There it is, my secret.  It’s all gleaned from that encouragement  give me just before I leave. 

That  mile, the one just ahead of me, takes me into Portage Lake and the sun is warm and the wind right for sailing for a while.   The water birds scatter from my path.  I cross the lake to the cut that will take me back into the Great Getchee Gummee.  I’m thinking of dropping anchor here in the marsh lands, soak in the sun and watch the birds but I know it is only my desire not to leave just yet, not leave where the kindness warmed the chill from this sailorsoul.  Besides, tomorrow will not make it any easier.  Going is seldom easy.  Sometimes,  I just have to go anyway.

As I leave the waterway, I see something I haven’t seen in a while.  Someone is launching a boat.   Now that’s a sure sign of spring!  Passing the lighthouse on the jetty, I’m hit with a stiff North wind and start a beat in hopes of making Point Abbaye.

The day is getting away from me and I’m not going to make the point in less than four tacks.  Decision time and the south side of the tombolo at Pequaming is just too inviting.  It looks like a warm blanket waiting to wrap CAP’N LEM in safety and peace and rest.  Some decisions are easy.  Just fall of the wind into a jib and run.   No one to make me go on and on, not even myself.  Freedom.

I can see the ruins of the old Ford Factory.  Pequaming MI had its day.  But still, something goes on there.  It’s my kind of place, forlorn, a long way from everywhere else and lots of boats upon the hard waiting for spring.  There is a harbor, but I won’t be going in.  I’ve picked a spot to anchor clear of the cribs and obstruction, safe from the running waves.  Time to let the CAP’N dance. 

Anchor down at 1600 28 April 2009 in 14.5 feet of water at Latitude 46 degrees 50.89 minutes N ~ Longitude 088 degrees 23.40 minutes W.   I haven’t gone very far.

Portage Canal east enterance light

Portage Canal east enterance light

One Response to “Portage Lake to Pequaming MI”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve just started following your blog. I really sounds like a great life-adventure. I have the coordinates to almost the exact spot where you took the picture of the the South Entry Lighthouse tattooed on my arms (N 46˚ 58′, W 88˚ 26′). I grew up right there. It’s beautiful…

    Safe travels,
    Craig LaCourt