April Fools Day

The plan was to sail away today. The plan has changed. Plan the day but accept the outcome.

The bay is still frozen though there are patches of open water where the ice breaker has churned it into slush. So I have to do what I’ve learned to to so well. Wait.

Yesterday brought snow and wind from the northeast and with it all the ice the lake still held. It jammed it hard against the harbor channel. So we wait. Time breaks ice and spring will come just not on my schedule.

But what a great opportunity to practice the patience I’ll need later on and farther north. I can not do what the ice will not allow me to do. I’m always a guest on this watery world, never its master. So I’ll wait and care for my little craft, study my charts and plan the next mile.

2 Responses to “April Fools Day”

  1. Joe Belson says:

    Good luck on your trip. I work with your son-in-law in Oakland and he mentioned you were doing this. Have fun and enjoy!

    Joe Belson, CWO2, USCG

  2. barb kraler says:

    Hi Tommy! Great website. It is wonderful hearing how you are doing and seeing the pictures. I’ve told lots of people about your adventure and I’m directing them to your website. This is great fun and I feel like I’m along on the voyage. Hope everything is going well and you stay healthy and happy. I keep you in my prayers each night. Have you started to read Ahab’s Wife? I have, and it’s great.