A Powerful Day

Having slept in to a very late 6:30 I got up to a beautifuly clear sunrise over the ice packed shoreline. It’s still there!

Coffee and paperwork in the quiet of the morning. Yes, more paperwork.

After all this is a business. The Good Book said it this way: “They that go down to the sea in ships do business in great water”.

With the morning a came an old familier sound. The Coast Guard Cutter Alder got underway from just across the pier to break up the ice for the ships needing to come in for their loads.

We watched as they did high speed donut turns in the bay to crunch up the ice. Some ensign at watch is thinking “Now THIS is what I spent four years at the Academy to do!”. They were having fun, I know, I’ve been there.

The Capt’n Lem is now 100% green. No more shore power needed. The Aero4gen is installed and making power. It’s been a powerful day.

Power from the wind generator to the batteries, power from the batteries to the power panel, well you get the picture.

The afternoon saw the arrival of another winter storm. We’re holding up between rows of sailboats on the hard (dry storage that is). The wind is howling through their rigging and the halyards are slapping the mast reminding us winter still has its hold on this end of the lake.

Tonight we’ll pass the time eating hot from the oven cherry pie cooled with french vanilla ice cream. Waiting is so hard!

CGC Alder

CGC Alder

One Response to “A Powerful Day”

  1. David & Amy says:

    Hi Tommy! I sure wish I was there with you. What a fantastic adventure youu’re about to embark on. Someday, we’ll get to do a little something more than Friday Harbor, although that was a heck of a lot of fun too.

    We love your website, and will follow along daily on your blog. I see myself spending my daily alloted 15 minutes personal webtime at work (yeah right…I’m a CWO- I’ll take as long as I want!) checking out the blog, living the adventure vicariously along with you. Love you Tommy!!