Moored in Port Saunders Newfoundland

2000 moored in Port Saunders Newfoundland

Lat. 50 38′ 45.8″N ┬áLon 057 16′ 18.9″W

Will change engine oil tomorrow and wind willing get underway toward Labrador.

Have full fuel, propane and food stores.

3 Responses to “Moored in Port Saunders Newfoundland”

  1. MikeinAppalachia says:

    Hope you get the proper wind. Godspeed.

  2. John Crawford says:

    Hey Tommy:

    Being a contingency planner – I’m curious about your defense against polar bears. They might think your little boat is just an ice flow with a tasty morsel inside? However, I suspect that you have something up your sleeve about this matter.
    Godspeed, and best regards – jcc

  3. MikeinAppalachia says:

    Question: Are you planning on staying with your original track before you turn west?